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I ran across some information when researching trends in electric rates across the country. Electric prices, like almost everything, go up. That's not at all shocking and I can even understand that lately they have gone up faster than they did over the previous several decades.

As I was reviewing historical prices, I found some information published by the Energy Information Administration that really deserved some sharing. But what good would it be to share this information if there was no way to do something about it?  So the idea of KWHoot.com was born. First let me show you what I found.



It's simple really, over the past 20 years and over the past 10 years, it seems that when prices increased this increase was divided up between the residential (homes), commercial (business) and Industrial (large manufacturers) groups of customers. But over the past five years the increases have gone to the residential customers and not to the other two groups.

I repeat, over the past 5 years electricity prices have gone up for your home, but not for big businesses. Seems to me that there is something basically wrong with this picture and somebody needs to do something about it. 

Well, I wanted to say something, but who do you talk to? Who is going to care that one person is bothered by how the industry is working. First, I thought that I can't be the only one bothered. Then, I thought that if all the people that were bothered spoke up then maybe someone would hear us. Then I tried to figure out where that could happen and not finding a place, I built one. That is why KWHoot.com exists.  

I know this is not the only problem, I know this is not the worst problem, and I know that it is not only the electric companies' fault that these problems exist. Most importantly, I know that this is only one symptom of an industry that does not listen to its customers, or at least those of us that haven't figured out how to be heard. It seems that some customers have figured out how to be heard. I do not have a clue how ALL the increase can be given to only one group of customers and not be shared with others. Either the people that are supposed to be fighting for the little guy are not fighting or they don't have the same resources that the other groups have. We need a voice and that is why KWHoot.com exists.

If KWHoot.com is going to make a difference we need your voice. After all, it is your bill we are talking about. Leave a comment, let me know what you're thinking. 

Get connected, tell us what bugs you, invite your friends and let's do this!

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Steven Arther   02.23.2014
Yes No The things that bothers me the most is that they say that they need to reduce the cost of making electricity and when they have away such as solar there's a cap on how many solar panels you can have and it's also sold back to them for a much lesser amount then you pay for it.
I think should be a limit how low the payment to customer that makes the power should go.
And how high they can go or maybe a percentage in between.
I think that's my concern if they're going to have a cap electricity you can manufacture yourself and sell back to them they need to be much more fear about it by estimating the cost for the abilities they would need to manufacture more electricity and take a percentage of that and give it back to people. Beside the fact of the way they make electricity is a much more damaging to the world then solar power.
Lana Fredericks   02.17.2014
Yes No Isn't this simply a reflection of the economy, to help businesses stay alive?
K. W. Hoot   02.17.2014
Yes No Good question and maybe that makes some sense, but if it's bad it's bad for all of us. I would like to know from the decision makers what their real reasons are. Sometimes I wonder if they even realize what is happening.
Steve smith   02.17.2014
Yes No That seems unreal. The reference is to the main web site. Can you provide a link to the specific data you used.
K. W. Hoot   02.18.2014
Yes No Here is the link to the data used. I calculated the percentages based on the prices in this spreadsheet.